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Four New TRADE Hub Fellows at the University of Oxford

We are pleased to welcome four new researchers to our Trade Hub programme: Krossy Mavakala KalunsevikoSuzanne Mogue Kamga, Alice Karuri and Lude Kinzonzi have joined as 2020/21 Africa Oxford Trade and University of Oxford Biodiversity Fellows.

The University of Oxford has partnered with The Africa Oxford Initiative to bring three Fellows to Oxford University in early 2021, in order to carry out vital thematic research, as well as to take part in vital training and networking. In the run-up to joining the team in Oxford, all four will be enrolled as ‘Virtual Fellows’, which will allow them to access The University of Oxford’s critical resources such as extensive publications, research, and on-line training.

Krossy Mavakala Kalunseviko works for École régionale post-universitaire d’aménagement et de gestion intégrés des forêts tropicales, ROC (ERAIFT), and is part of the team carrying out research into the topical programme: ‘Assessing the COVID-19 pandemic’s influence on perceptions around wildlife consumption and wildlife management policies’.  Notably, he will be investigating ‘The flow of Wild meat from Rural DR Congo’.

Suzanne Mogue Kamga joins us from the Congo Basin Institute, where she has been focusing on ‘Ecological sustainability and conservation of Bush Mango under Cocoa agroforestry systems’.

Alice Karuri is currently a lecturer at Strathmore University, and she will be researching ‘Sustainability in global commodity chains: an institutional analysis of farmer organizations’.

Lude Kinzonzi is a Biodiversity Fellow, and will be identifying and understanding obstacles and opportunities from the COVID-19 outbreak to reduce urban bushmeat trade and consumption in Central Africa, particularly in the Republic of Congo, through his project

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