The Stockholm Environment Institute on Mandatory Due Diligence

TRADE Hub researchers from the Stockholm Environment Institute published a response to the UK government’s public consultation on the implementation of due diligence legislation,

The legislation proposed by the UK government would introduce mandatory due diligence requirements for companies using commodities associated with deforestation. The objective of the legislation is to remove the risk of illegal deforestation being linked to UK supply chains, as part of a broader UK strategy to help tackle global deforestation.

The Stockholm Environment Institute welcome the introduction of the legislation, however their statement:  

  • Expresses concern that the scope of commodities listed is not ambitious enough – taking faster action on a broader range of commodities would be more likely to help reduce the UK’s  association with deforestation and reduce global deforestation.
  • Business turnover thresholds that are used to decide which companies are in scope of the legislation should be set as low as reasonably possible to strengthen the legislation.

You can read the full response here.

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