The TRADE Hub Creates a Trade Tools Navigator

The GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment Hub (TRADE Hub) has created a searchable catalogue of available initiatives, measures, models, data providers, platforms, portals and round table certifications to support decision making on trade and the environment. The Trade Tools Navigator aims to add value to existing work and synthesise available tools relevant to the sustainability of trade, impacts of trade and commodity supply chains. 

Available trade tools come in many forms, including models of entire supply chains from the sourcing through production to consumption. Others focus more narrowly on specific parts of supply chains. 

These tools are available for use by researchers and businesses. In addition to understanding broader trade patterns, by helping to understand the impacts of products on deforestation, biodiversity and social inequality, they can also support companies specifically in transitioning to more sustainable supply chains.  

With such a diversity of trade tools, it can be difficult to find the right one for a particular purpose. The Trade Tools Navigator helps by placing many of the available trade tools into one database, to make them more easily accessible and searchable. The Navigator is available for use here.  

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