We will help countries to do, manage, share and apply research, strengthening their ‘research capacity’. This is critical to them being able to draw on the best evidence to inform trade decisions, making sure they can support sustainable trade in the long-term.

This will mean more than just providing training to researchers. It will involve enhancing the capacity of individual people and organisations, as well as working on a national level with governments and charities to improve the links between research, policy, and practice.

What will we do?

We will build research capacity in the following countries to help deliver sustainable trade:

  •         China
  •         Indonesia
  •         Tanzania
  •         Brazil
  •         the Congo Basin countries (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of    Congo, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo)
  •          the UK

There will be a particular focus on providing equal opportunity, inclusive of gender, nationality, country income level, discipline and other socio-demographic/economic indicators.

We will involve a wide range of interested groups right from the start so that each country has local ownership of any interventions or pathways to change that the team develops throughout the project. This will also allow us to develop a baseline so we can monitor and evaluate changes in capacity over time.

However, capacity-building is a dynamic process so we will continue to analyse and reflect on changing circumstances throughout the project. We also expect that the project as a whole will have a lasting legacy, and that a series of multimedia materials and a Hub alumni network will build research-orientated relationships well into the future.