Finding out how to reduce the negative impacts of trade on wildlife is the first step for the Hub. The next step is to make sure that decision makers across the board can actually find that information, and use it to make sustainable decisions. These decision makers work across a range of sectors so it is critical to make sure each tool is fit for its user – whether government, trade organisation, or civil society.

What will we do?

We will first explore existing online tools to see if they might be appropriate for sharing our research findings with user groups.  If existing tools are suitable, we will work with them to find the best way to include our data and results. 

Emerging technologies

We will then look at how emerging technologies, such as mobile phone applications which can assess a product’s impacts, might be of use. 

We will work with partners in the field of technology to develop and test new tools for a range of audiences.

Making fit-for-purpose tools

We will talk with stakeholders throughout the whole process, making sure each tool is fit-for-purpose, and can guide decision makers towards making sustainable decisions along each link of the supply chain.