Since 1980 the total volume of all types of trade has more than doubled, and the value of that trade has multiplied more than six times. At the same time, supply chains have become more complex and international.

The need for sustainable business

For truly sustainable trade, we must help producers, traders and retailers to understand the effect their purchasing decisions have all the way along the supply chain. Many businesses are already taking bold strides – but for transformational change across all sectors and industries we need a collaborative approach, with companies working with others to identify barriers to making sustainable trade a reality and come up with practical solutions.

What will we do?
  • engage with a wide range of corporate partners to find barriers and potential solutions for sustainable trade
  • engage with the many existing supply chain initiatives to accelerate ongoing work towards nature-friendly business models
  • ensure that world-leading science is at the core of any proposed changes
  • identify business models that can actively promote leadership in sustainable international trade. 

All together, these will all allow corporate bodies to develop, and actually use, sustainable models for international trade.