Policies and governance frameworks shape the whole supply chain, from how we make goods to how we trade and consume them. It is therefore critical that policy makers work together across all levels to maximise the benefits of trade, while minimising any negative impacts on people and the planet.

What will we do?

We will work with policy makers, international organisations and non-governmental organisations to better understand how policies and governance frameworks can enhance the positive contribution of trade for people and planet.

This will reveal how trade-related policies and institutions working on trade can promote good practices, align incentives, and set new standards.

We will also look into the role of other policies, such as agriculture or land-use, and see how they affect trade. 

From research to practice

The insights from our research will then feed directly back into practice. Through our direct involvement with international processes, our learnings will be able to inform ongoing policy discussions.

Lessons learnt

Building on the insights from our research, we will strive to identify principles that apply to countries and product supply chains across the world. Critically, this will include training so that policy makers and other stakeholders can continue to apply this into the future.